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"I believe in DACA.  I have friends who are part of the program and it feels preposterous to me that they would have their stability and lifestyle threatened by political maneuvering.  Any funding I can generate I am proud of, and will be a drop in the bucket.  Buckets are full of drops though, and as far as I can tell that's what is required of a democracy; drip your drop.  The Santa Fe Dreamers Project is well run and was introduced to me by my friend Kari, a long time FarmAid administrator and someone I consider to be an expert in the non-profit world.  100% of the money generated through these donations will go to the Santa Fe Dreamers.  I know the song is a little intense and maybe weird even, but it's about power and how it can be used in harmful ways.  Either way I hope you like it, and more importantly I hope you like the fact that supporting my music will support this group as well.  People in this country deserve to understand it's laws, that's what The Santa Fe Dreamers Project does.  It helps people contribute to the health of our country."
– Benjamin Jaffe


Santa Fe Dreamers Project is a non-profit legal services organization serving New Mexico’s immigrant community.  Since our beginning in 2014, the Dreamers Project has served primarily immigrant youth and families, focusing on economic and community development. Santa Fe Dreamers Project is committed to representing every qualified immigrant who walks through our doors. We make every effort to understand the barriers that normally prevent immigrant families in our community from accessing legal representation and design our services with those barriers in mind.

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