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Santa Fe New Mexican     Sept 2017

Santa Fe New Mexican

Sept 2017

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FAST COMPANY                      JUNE 2017

ICE arrests young immigrant’s sponsor months after feds assured him he’d be safe

Gari’s case illustrates the effects of President Donald Trump’s hard-line approach to immigration enforcement, which was central to his campaign. Previously, immigration agents wouldn’t target an unauthorized resident who was sponsoring a child. But that changed under the Trump administration, which has increased immigration raids and other efforts to apprehend people living in the country illegally.


The Santa Fe Dreamers Project considers itself more than a charity. Love wants to highlight how effective immigration policies go beyond humanitarian reasons—it’s just good business. She intends to change the public’s narrative, shifting the focus to what communities can expect by investing in young immigrants. “We need to stop talking about [immigration] as if it’s charity,” stresses Love. “We need to start crunching numbers.”



living in epic times

"In my view, the truest form of sanctuary is when a family has the freedom to work and to be essential to a community or an economy. None of us is safe from the impact we'll see when these removal policies gain traction and our immigrant community becomes intimidated, silenced, or disappeared."




MAR 30, 2017


This Woman Is Changing Undocumented Immigrants' Lives in Under an Hour 

Love wants to be sure that residents who came here illegally don't lose their chance to stay, legally, because they don't have access to a lawyer. It can be simple, but it takes meeting immigrants where they are, and in the new, deportation-focused administration, it's work that's more vital and time-sensitive than ever.





Dec 6, 2016


What Happens Now?

While the looming Trump presidency is bad news for everyone, it is particularly terrifying for the marginalized among us, including “probably two million” of the approximately 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States whom Trump vows to deport.



MAR 24, 2017


The first few minutes on Latino USA's newest episode "The New Normal" features a really moving and informative story of one Santa Fean and her daughter and their struggle to adjust to life under the Trump Adminsitration. You'll also hear stories and sounds from some of Santa Fe Dreamers Project's legal clinics. 


Santa Fe Reporter



Nov 16, 2016

What’s Next?

For immigrants, fear and anxiety follow Trump’s election

Santa Fe County, which runs the region’s largest jail, also put in place protections for undocumented immigrants, declining to honor requests from ICE to hold immigrants suspected of crimes. 



AUG 31, 2016

Dreams on Wheels: Santa Fe attorney takes free immigration legal services on the road

“Non-traditional” doesn’t even come close to describing her approach to lawyering. It’s not pro bono for a pat on the back. It’s a core philosophy. “This is just my stubborn ass being like, ‘I want to know if this can be free,’” she says. “I believe in access to justice and access to a lawyer.” 


Santa Fe New Mexican



Nov 16, 2016


Santa Fe school district seeks to reassure immigrant students in wake of election

Allegra Love, legal counsel for the Santa Fe Dreamers Project, which helps immigrant families gain legal status and fight deportation, agreed that people in the community are confused. “There are lots of questions,” she said, “and we don’t have a lot of answers yet.”




JAN - FEB 2016

Law and Border

Attorney Allegra Love ’03 started the Santa Fe Dreamers Project to help immigrant families fight deportation and gain legal status. It’s lonely, frustrating, heartbreaking work.


KSFR 101.1FM



Nov 14, 2016


One Thousand Santa Feans Show Support for Immigrant Dreamers

KSFR’s Katherine Mast reports from a Saturday event at Cheesemongers that brought out 1000 Santa Feans to have their portraits taken in support of immigrants in Santa Fe.