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Immigration Advocacy Workshop for Radical Educators!

July 17-21 in BEAUTIFUL Santa FE, New Mexico
Led by Santa Fe Dreamers Project


What Is this workshOp?

This is a colloquium for educators from all around the country who are committed to learning about current and historical immigration issues that affect our communities and creating strategies to bring back home that promote the safety and the success of our immigrant students and their families. 

Who Is this for?

This is for educators from all backgrounds and job titles. Teachers, counselors, administrators, social workers, professors. We are seeking a diversity of backgrounds and experience.  We currently have space for 15 educators

Cost: $200/participant
Breakfast and lunch included.

If there is a demand we will provide childcare!




Morning sessions will focus on orienting participants to the deep issues affecting our immigrant communities:
- Study the history of immigration law and policy in the US
- Discussion of equity issues for immigrant students
- Learn about current developments in immigration activism across the US
- Explore how Immigration issues under the Trump Administration affect our students


Afternoon sessions will focus on collaborative workshops addressing:
- Curriculum development for immigrant students and non-immigrant students
- Creating opportunities for student activism and advocacy
- Strategies for parent and community engagement
- Advocating for progressive school policies regarding immigrant populations
- Designing professional development workshops for faculty and staff

About Santa fe Dreamers Project: 

Santa Fe Dreamers Project is a legal services organization based in Santa Fe, NM that provides free legal services to immigrant youth and families with a focus on their economic and educational progress. We know that immigrants make us stronger and that providing client centered legal services to help provide our immigrant neighbors with the tools to work, study, and thrive will have lasting positive effects at a community-wide level. We collaborate extensively with community-based organizations and schools to inform, educate, and engage our neighbors in the fight for immigrant justice. You can learn more at: