Thank you for your interest in having someone from Santa Fe Dreamers Project speak at your school, your staff training, you church, or any other meeting. We care deeply about educating students and professionals and community members about Deferred Action, the US immigration system, and the movement for immigrant rights and humane reform in our country.  Examples of potential events include:

  • A panel of Dreamers coming to your class or church service to share their stories
  • Our director delivering a workshop to your staff about working with immigrant clients
  • A lawyer giving a presentation to your community about immigration law

We'd love to tailor our stories and expertise to your group's needs.

Contact us if you'd like to discuss possibilities and get an event on the calendar. While we do not charge for our services, please understand that our time and resources are devoted to bring services to our valuable clients and we do request a small donation for our time if your organization can afford it.