One extraordinary way people can help our clients is sponsoring a trans asylum seeker. Santa Fe Dreamer’s Project represents hundreds of young women detained in horrendous conditions and we can successfully petition for their release from detention with the help of people from loving homes who are willing to provide support to a woman while she seeks political asylum.

We know that this is a huge and radically generous commitment. If you reach out to use with interest please know that it is to start a pressure-free conversation about whether this is something you and your family have the capacity for and to ensure that your home is the right place for one of our clients. Our volunteers often have hours of conversation before we come to mutual decision to place a client in someone’s home.

While we are currently prioritizing sponsors in the Bay Area, Sacramento, LA, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Boston, and New York, we encourage people from all over the US to reach out. We have at least 30 women awaiting placement.

Thank you for your generous consideration of this radical act.

Please use this link to start a conversation with one of our trained volunteers.

Of course you can reach out with questions at


Former detainees with Santa Fe Dreamers staffers at an event in San Francisco