Our organization depends on committed volunteers who help to make our work possible. There is a very high level of interest in volunteering with us and we are only able to accommodate people whose skills directly match our current needs:

Right now we are only looking for volunteers in the following areas:

El Paso Immigration Collective On The Ground Volunteer:

We are seeking folks who are over 18, conversationally fluent in Spanish, and able to travel to El Paso, TX on their own tab for one week (Sunday-Saturday) and assist our attorneys with detention visitation.

Thanks for your interest! We are currently booked up through the end of September. Check back in soon when we start signing folks up for October and November.

El Paso Immigration Collective Remote Translator Volunteer:

Right now we are seeking people fluent in English and Spanish who can be on our EPIC Remote Translator Team. Volunteers on this team will be added to an email list. Our on the ground coordinator will email out when we have assignments which individuals on our remote team can choose to accept or not. The catch is, if you choose to accept it, we are asking for a 48 hour turn around because of how fast things are moving on the ground here. So, volunteers are under no pressure to accept but when you do, we need you to be all over it and be really reliable so we can keep our cases moving and get people out of detention!

Sounds good? Fill out this survey and we will be back in touch:


Additionally we are always seeking people on an ongoing basis for the following needs:

1) Pro-Bono attorneys willing to take cases (don't need to be an immigration lawyer)

2) People with Spanish language skills who can do translations and interviews.

If you are interested in volunteering with us and fit the above criteria, please fill out our volunteer survey using the link below. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@santafedreamersproject.org  Thank you for your interest in supporting this work!