Santa Fe Dreamers Project provides free legal services to immigrants to promote economic empowerment, community development, family unity, and liberation from detention. Our work is centered around the belief that supporting immigrants makes our whole community stronger. We are committed to representing every qualified immigrant who walks through our doors, to using service strategies that expand vulnerable peoples’ access to legal counsel, and helping to elevate the voices and narratives of immigrants in our community to support positive reform.


Serve Dreamers’ Legal Needs
Supporting Dreamers has always been the heart of our work at Santa Fe Dreamers Project. In partnership with United Way of Santa Fe County and Casa De Salud in Albuquerque we hold two free legal clinics a week for Dreamers seeking to renew their DACA benefits and maintain their critical access to the tools they need to work, study, contribute to the community, and raise healthy families in New Mexico. For more information about our legal clinics call (505)490-2789 or the “Ayuda Legal” section of our website.

Protect the Most Vulnerable Immigrants
We represent undocumented immigrants who have been victims of violent crime in the US, most of whom are women who have experienced domestic violence and trafficking. These U-Visa, VAWA, and T-Visa cases eventually lead to legal permanent residency. This is our most oversubscribed program and we are striving to make the process comfortable, efficient, and barrier-free for our clients who deserve the most expert representation in these cases. For more information call (505)490-2789.

Keep Families Together with Green Cards
When families qualify for legal permanent residency through their family relationships, we represent them in their green card proceedings, providing them with permanent access to work authorization, relief from deportation, and all the myriad economic benefits that legal status affords. For more information call (505)490-2789.

Help Immigrants Become US Citizens
We represent immigrants in their process to become naturalized United States Citizens giving them access to the full rights and participation of those born in the US, including the all important right to vote. For more information call (505)490-2789.

Protect Children from Deportation
Our Special Immigrant Juvenile program focuses on the complicated work of defending the removal of minor children to their countries. We work with both unaccompanied minors and children who have arrived in a family unit. This highly specialized area of law requires practice in New Mexico’s District Court, Immigration Court, and in front of US Citizenship and Immigration Services. For more information call (505)490-2789.

Represent Detained Trans Women
New Mexico houses our country’s “trans-pod” where immigrant transgender women are detained. Whether through bond, parole, or a winning political asylum cases, we are committed to securing the release of every woman detained there and finding safe communities for them to relocate to. This work is done through strong partnerships with local organizations, pro-bono attorneys, and national law practices and organizers, as well as direct representation of many of the detained women in their asylum cases. For more information call (505)490-2789.

Reunify Separated Families
In partnership with Annunciation House in El Paso, TX we sent advocates to the border throughout the summer of 2018 to assist in the efforts to reunify families affected by the Trump Administration’s “Zero Tolerance” policy. With the help of the American Immigration Council, we have hired out first attorney to work exclusively in the El Paso region so Santa Fe Dreamers Project can be present for the families and children detained on our border.

Reach Rural Communities
With targeted programming in Taos and Valencia Counties, we are exploring how we can combine innovative service models and partnerships with strong local agencies that already work with immigrants to create a reliable network of advocates in some of New Mexico’s most rural and underserved communities. We are in the process of renovating our famous RV, Dreams on Wheels, to start rolling again in 2019.

Fight Detention in El Paso, TX
With one small office in El Paso and a growing network of collaborations, we focus on challenging the terrible culture in El Paso’s immigration courts and detention centers by creating strategies for broad direct representation.

Educate our Community
As the landscape of immigration law and policy constantly changes and reshapes, educating the community remains one of the most important aspects of our work at Santa Fe Dreamers Project. Whether visiting schools and universities, doing interviews on the radio, conducting trainings and professional developments, or hosting public forums, we are committed to sharing our expertise in any way possible with our community to strengthen support for our immigrant community.