Santa Fe Dreamers Project is a non-profit legal services organization providing free legal representation to New Mexico’s immigrant community. Our work is centered around that belief that supporting immigrants makes our whole community stronger. We are committed to representing every qualified immigrant who walks through our doors, and make every effort to understand the barriers that normally prevent immigrant families in our community from accessing legal representation. Our services are designed with those barriers in mind and provided completely free of charge to our clients.




We offer free weekly DACA clinics in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Our weekly DACA clinics have served over 1,200 people in the last three years.

Green cards & family petitions

 With newly vulnerable Dreamers as our top priority, we offer screening and representation for families in the green card process, a pathway to citizenship.

U Visas 

The U-visa provides a pathway to citizenship for immigrants who have been victims of violence and have cooperated with law enforcement. Northern New Mexico has a huge waitlist of people who need a lawyer for this process. We are representing as many people as we can to attempt to meet that need both in Santa Fe and in rural areas where there are no lawyers.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Citizen (SIJS)

This project focuses on children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected, especially the deportation defense of children being deported to the Northern Triangle of Central America. SIJS offers minors access to a Green Card and benefits.

Cibola PALS program

Working in conjunction with the New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, we are providing support two times a week to immigrant detainees seeking political asylum who are being held at the Cibola County Correctional Facility. We are also representing a handful of individual political asylum cases from Cibola.

Innovation Law Lab Border X Project

In collaboration with Innovation Law Lab’s Border X  project and New Mexico Immigrant Law Center, we plan to represent every immigrant detainee at the Cibola County Correctional Center  who qualifies for release on bond or parole as they await their political asylum cases. Beyond the benefits of immigrants released from this prison facility, this project will provide critical data and support for bringing litigation against the Trump administration.


In addition to our legal services program, we conduct know your rights trainings to help immigrants understand how to stay safe during encounters with ICE, we teach professional development classes about immigration law and advocacy, and we work in extensive collaboration with schools, churches, and local agencies that serve immigrants. Our work is motivated by our conviction that immigrants make us stronger and helping provide tools from immigrants to thrive creates real impact in our own communities, in New Mexico, and throughout our entire nation.

Dreams on Wheels

A mobile legal services program that brings access to counsel to immigrant families in the rural corners of New Mexico and the Southwest where there are no immigration attorneys. After a successful pilot project in 2016, we are currently seeking funding to expand this service to more rural communities in the spring of 2018.